Wimborne Dog Trainer

Wimborne dog trainer can help you with your training issues

As a qualified dog trainer I live locally to Wimborne and can help with the common  issues of recall training and the dog pulling on the lead. There are many other issues you may have concerns about and I am happy to advise and support you with these.  

If you are thinking of getting a new puppy the best time to see me is about a week before you collect the dog.  However, happy to support you at anytime if you are finding having a new puppy challenging; and need some support helping them and you to adjust to a new member of the family.

If you have a gun dog breed and are looking for training which will challenge you and the dog, but don’t want to join a club then what I offer is perfect. 

As a Wimborne dog trainer there are no travel costs when I come to you.  I have a booking system in place so you can book a time which suits you. 

Wimborne dog trainer

Opening Times

Muttley Solutions has an automated booking system which allows you to choose from my availability.  If you are struggling to find a date then call me as I do hold some in reserve.  

You can Text me 24/7 and I usually reply quickly Text on 07482557186

You can call me between 08:00 and 22:00 everyday.  If I don’t reply I am usually training or driving.  Text me.

dog trainer wimborne

Gary came to help me with my Cavalier King Charles spaniel who was less than 8 weeks old and very tiny. All that I wanted was to have a well behaved dog, good recall and manners. Gary was brilliant with her and trained me well! He’s very very good.

Karen in Wimborne

Wimborne Information

As a dog trainer I am often called to Wimborne by clients to review varying behaviour and training issues.  Sometimes this can be a one off session just to review and offer advice.  Other times, it will involve several sessions and in rare cases it may involve a longer involvement in a supporting capacity. For many years dogs were seen as simple creatures, but we have to some extent complicated their lives. Thankfully, our understanding of dogs has come out of the dark ages and we have embraced new ideas and concepts.  This has shown us dogs are a lot more sensitive and complex than we first thought, bit like us humans really!!

When working with the dogs I like to train in a live environment as this is the best place and mirrors reality so we can test the training where the client will be with the dog when I am not there

There are some great dog walk areas around Wimborne where you can practice loose lead walking and recall training.  It is also idea for correctly letting your dog meet other dogs.