Dog walking

Wettest day dog walking

I have been dog walking for over 2 years now and today was the wettest I remember.  It never stopped for about 10 hours This has to be the wettest day dog walking I have had the unfortunate pleasure to go out in.  Of course, owners till need their dogs walking.  Not sure some of the dogs would agree I saw today and they would have sooner stayed in.wettest day dog walking

The parks were empty apart from the other dog walker I saw and he looked as cheesed off as I was.  Being half term you would normally see all the favourite dog walking spots busy, not today!! Part of a park I go to was closed today as the river had burst its banks so the only walking being done there was the resident swan.

The wettest day dog walking tested my wet weather gear and I have to say on the whole it was very good.  The biggest problem I have had is getting it all dried ready for the next session.

Being half term my daughter has joined me on this weeks dog walks, for a fee of course.  Don’t think was she was impressed to be out on the wettest day dog walking, but she braved it and we had a laugh.


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