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The week before Christmas


This is a nice week to be a dog walker.  The weather has warmed a little and the roads are a lot quieter due to the schools being closed. Of course it it countdown week until I get a full week off from wearing my work cloths and juggling a busy workload.  Even if I was to forget its Xmas I am reminded each time I go into a house and see the wide variety of Christmas trees, decorations and the ever-growing piles of presents under the tree.

Of course we apply human characteristics to our dogs and buy them presents and make a big fuss of them, I am as guilty and it is a great time for them as all the family are together, amazing smells and lots happening.  At this time of year we tend to think of the homeless people, or the young children who wont have a Xmas and its sad in today’s age.  However, I am also inclined to think of all the animals who live in terrible conditions, are poorly treated and wont get to share a loving family and taste warm turkey.  Spare a thought for them when you are wrapping your pet’s presents.

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