Terms of business


terms of business

Cancelling Sessions

  • If I am notified at least the day before your session then there will be no fee.
  • If I am notified on the day then there will be a £5 fee payable.
  • In the unlikely event I need to cancel a session on the day then you will get the next session free.
  • Please notify me of any planned holidays in a timely manner
  • I will give advanced notice of when I plan to take holidays so you can make alternative plans.
  • PLEASE ensure you have a plan B in place for your dogs.  I haven’t missed a session in 2 years which was my fault, but life happens.

Protecting your Sessions

Due to the fact, this is a business and it attracts a high demand for my walking services the following will come into effect if my services are not required to walk your dog after a set period.

From the 3rd week and any subsequent weeks thereafter, where you do not require my services, you will be required to pay £5 for any session not used to ensure those sessions are protected for your use.  An example would be if you have 3 sessions per week and you don’t need me for 4 weeks. The first two weeks there would be no charge, however the 3rd and 4th week you would be required to pay £5 for each of those days you would use your sessions. Likewise, if you have 3 sessions per week and only use 2 of the sessions then after 1 week you would need to pay the £5 for the 3rd session to protect it.

This extra charge would need to be met prior to you taking the break and will reset once you resumed full use of the days you have booked with me. If you have not paid monies due then I reserve the right to offer your sessions to other clients and will have no obligation to give you your slots back when you wish to resume my services.

If I have a holiday during a time you are not using my services then you will not pay for that week.  Happy to discuss personal circumstances.

Timing of Session

Please note that timings of visits are approximate for dog walking and may vary due to the nature of the business. Visit times will be around 40 minutes.

Extreme Weather Conditions

terms of business

In the event of weather conditions which may endanger life such as snow, flooding or high temperatures then I will discuss with you. High temperatures are the most problematic and I will have to take the decision on the day if the dog is to have the normal walk, a reduced walk or let into the garden. A number of factors can effect this decision such as age of the dog, colour of the dog, actual air temperature and how hot the pavement is. You are still liable for the full fee if I attend the property.


Muttley Solutions does have a comprehensive insurance to cover 3rd party liability and the welfare of your dog so that it can receive emergency treatment in the event of an incident whilst in my care.  However, this will not cover any further treatment for this incident.  This insurance will not cover existing conditions or injuries which are aggravated by you instructing me to walk your dog.  If I feel your dog is not well enough to walk when I arrive at the property then you will be informed and a plan put in place.  You will still be liable for the fee that day.


A good recall is vital for the safety of your dog and others. For me to comply with my insurance requirements and the law; I need to be confident I can 100% recall your dog in a moderate distraction environment ( people and other dogs are around).

I will assess the dog/s when I first start walking them and use some techniques to assist their recall.  If they do not recall easily then they will be walked on the lead. The requirements of them recalling in a moderate distraction environment is higher when there are two dogs.

If the owner insists the dog/s are let off the lead on the walk and I am not happy with their recall then I will have to stop walking the dog/s.  If the owner is happy to pay for recall training then I can review this.  Please note I can only train 1 dog at a time but will offer a generous discount if you have two dogs.

Muttley Solutions reserves the right to amend these Terms of Business as required and you will be notified accordingly.