Raw Dog Food Wareham

What started out as an interest with taking my own dog from a dry fed diet to a raw fed diet turned into a bit more!!  Making this transition raised so many questions which forums and other sites failed to answer.  I decided to study the subject and earn a qualification at the same time.

The programme gave me a completely different perspective on how I viewed the raw dog food diet, the implications for the dog and myself. Quickly I started to realise that the raw dog food diet was more than just giving raw meat.  Whilst it can be fairly simple to put together a suitable meal, it can be very easy to get it wrong.

Forums are a great place to start, but they can be a place of misinformation and you only need two people to agree and you suddenly have a fact!! Sadly it will be your dog who will suffer for that fact being wrong.

What I offer is a transition where you can safely take your dog from dry food to raw and avoid some of the pitfalls that many people who feed a raw dog food diet are not aware about.  We will discuss the meats to buy and those to avoid.  Why chicken can be an issue and not many raw feeders are aware.  The vital role of offal in the diet and the amounts which should be fed and how to source them.  The worrying time when it comes to feeding your dog bone, given we have been socialised to think this is dangerous.  UNCOOKED bones relative to the size of your dog are essential and without them your dog will not thrive.

A 1 hour consultation will be £50 which includes follow up email/text support regarding the raw dog food diet.

This consultation will set you on the right road to learning about the raw diet without making the mistakes.

This consultation will also be useful for those already raw feeding, but want to ensure they are on the right track