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Puppy Training Classes

You have a new puppy and don’t know where to start? Getting puppy training right at the early stage is critical for the long term establishment of a well balanced dog. 

Muttley Solutions offers one to one puppy class training which allows us to go at your pace. It is not just about training, but both you and the dog learning to live together. 


These issues are perhaps the most common training issue owners have with their new puppy.  

With consistent and persistent practice the puppy can be trained to recall and walk on a loose lead before bad habits become ingrained. 

Puppies can easily get into bad habits with barking a lot so this can be avoided with the right approach early on and saves a lot of problems later. 

If you are struggling with house training then it is more likely technique than any issues with the puppy.

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The advantage of one to one puppy training is you can fit in the training at your location at a flexible time which suits. 

The speed of progress will depend on breed and the amount of time you practice, but less class time should be required. 

During the session we will be able to go over techniques in a more relaxed and slow approach so ensuring you leave the training understanding the technique. 

You don’t have to have a session every week or at set times each week. 

This approach does offer a lot of flexibility and the ability to practice before taking another class. Included in the cost is text support regarding the training we are doing. 

Some of the things we cover are listed below

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Wait
  • Socialise the puppy correctly
  • Walking on a loose lead
  • Recall
  • Leave food
  • Nutrition
  • Meeting my dog Henry
  • Whistle training
  • Support with toileting
  • Teaching clicker style communication
  • What the word ‘No’ actually means
  • Establishing your leadership and setting boundaries for the puppy
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The session will be about 1 hour long with small breaks.  You will get handouts if relevant and homework practice will be expected in order to progress and get the full benefit from the sessions.  

Once training starts to progress, my dog Henry maybe introduced to some of the training sessions if appropriate as he can be a great distraction!! 

If I were involved from 8-9 weeks I would expect that by the time the dog is 12-14 weeks you will have these basics in place. 

By this time you might just be starting group puppy class training. Remember there is no quick fix and it will take a lot of practise on your part to achieve this. 

Of course all dogs are different and so are their owners.  The correct practice is more important than the amount. 

Remember, puppy training is about laying the foundations for life long learning.  

It is the building blocks to improving both obedience and manners as the dog get older.  

A few lessons with minimal practice with your your puppy will not lead to a well trained dog!!

To qualify for the puppy rate of training your dog will need to be 5 months old or less. 

I have weekday dates which you can see availability and book times via the link below.  If you want weekend sessions then please contact me directly.  

This is a video of Rusty who is 12 weeks old.  He is learning to walk on a loose lead and being taught that looking at the owner will deliver a reward.  

As you can see he is very responsive and is quickly getting the concept of stopping near his owner’s leg will deliver a reward.  

The leg is the reward spot and Rusty is learning this is the place to be and so we have a loose lead!!

By using classical and operant  conditioning with new puppies means we can set their default to ‘no pulling on the lead’. Of course, this takes a lot of practise work and patience on the part of the owner and this lady is doing a great job.  

This is Hodge a 12 week old puppy who has been trained to respond to the whistle for his recall.  Using classical and operant conditioning Hodge has been taught very early a good recall. 

The idea is to now proof this in various settings and distraction levels. A great start to recall training which puts many older dogs to shame!!  

The owners have put the practice in and followed the training I set them. 

Puppy Training

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