Puppy Toilet and House Training Dorset

Puppy Toilet Training Stress Free!!

For some reason some clients expect their puppy to be completely house trained within a week. The amount of pressure put on owners and their puppies is one of the key reasons it can take longer.

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By nature puppies are clean when it comes to toileting.  When they are left to their own devices they will do their toileting in a selected area and not mess their main living area or bedding.  Of course the problems start when humans get involved and we invite a puppy into our homes and we try to house train them. The puppy will not understand it cannot toilet on your best carpet just because you say no.  It always amazes me the impatience some people have with puppy toilet training. If we think like people then it becomes a complex exercise, however start to think from the dogs perspective then the approach to successfully assisting a puppy to toilet in the correct area becomes a lot easier.

A lot of the time our best intentions actually set the puppy up to fail.  Our impatience puts too much stress on the puppy and worst case scenario, scolding the puppy will lead to failure.  If we start to think like a puppy then we will understand that the puppy needs markers where to toilet. Please don’t use a bleach product to clean any mess up as it will most likely have ammonia in it which of course will be a big sign to the dog to wee there.  Don’t sterilise everywhere as the puppy wont have any markers and will just keep choosing new areas.  Clean where we don’t want the puppy to toilet, but leave some evidence as a marker where we do. A pad with some urine on left in the right place can encourage puppy toilet training.

Be Patient when Toilet Training your Puppy

This is perhaps the most used advice I have to give clients when asked to review why their puppy still toilets in the house. Some clients think that the puppy should have it all sorted after 2 weeks.  I have known clients who will scold the puppy and then wonder why the puppy tries to toilet out of sight.  If you put in place the right techniques then puppy toilet training is a process which will be different for all dogs.  Just because your friend’s puppy cracked it in 2 weeks, it doesn’t means yours will.  As long as the right process is in place then this is okay and you should try and relax and allow the puppy to understand what is required by support, praising and ignoring the accidents.

As a behaviour I like addressing this one.  The puppy wants to toilet in the right place.  It doesn’t understand that your best carpet is not for toileting.  If you set the puppy up to succeed by putting in the right approach then nearly all puppies will quickly get the idea. It is a rewarding behaviour to deal with and is a fairly quick behaviour to resolve in comparison to some dog behaviours I review.  Of course there are always exceptions and some puppies and older dogs can toilet in the house for other reasons and this may need specific dog training. 

Of course we need to remember we cannot compare daytime with night time toilet training and you are most likely going to have some accidents overnight. A puppy has a small bladder so will be unlikely to hold on all night.  Hopefully the puppy will use the pads you leave out and if it does then this is a good sign you are on the right road. It is important the puppy does not have access to the house during the night for obvious reasons.

If you need help to start toilet training your puppy then contact me.  If you have already tried toilet training your puppy and are getting nowhere then contact me and we can put in place the right techniques to ensure success.