Puppy and Dog Training in Sandford

Taking a new puppy or an older dog out for a walk in Sandford can, for some, be a moment to dread. Without the correct training many dogs can have issues with lead pulling.  When the owner lets the dog of the lead then there can be an issue with recalling the dog back.  In this part of Dorset we have a lot of forest area which have a number of deer roaming.  Sandford does pass close to a woodland areas where deer are present.  This can test your dog’s recall.  If you are having issues with lead pulling, barking or have a poor recall then Muttley Solutions can help.

Sandford might be a small place, but it does boast a holiday park.  This makes a great place to stay with some great dog walking and training areas right on your door step. If your down on holiday then we could do a training session around loose lead walking or improving your dog’s recall or whatever you need advice on.

puppy and dog training in sandford

'The Sandford' Dog Friendly Pub

Great to know that when you have completed the dog training there is a local pub which caters for both of you