Pet Gun Dog Challenge Wallks

How will your gun dog breed react in a live enviroment?

Training, obedience and manners for the gun dog breed in a setup environment teaches the techniques for the owner to go away and practice. Of course what you don’t have when you are out is a trainer at your side.  These pet gun dog challenge walks will consist of about 4-5 dogs whom will have attended the one to one sessions at my training facility or attended the group training sessions and of course myself.

The idea is that we can practice walking on and off lead as a group in a distraction environment.  I will be on hand to offer tips and advice as we progress.  I will setup training challenges for the dogs and owners.  The dogs will learn to wait their turn and teach them going out with other dogs does not mean a free for all

What it won’t be is a free for all for the dogs to run around without control. The dogs will learn to be in the company of other dogs and learn patience and self control. The owners will learn to be proactive in these environments and make the right decisions at the right time. The owner will learn to read whats around them and deal with those situations before the dog does. 

The location of the walks will vary so that we have a wide variety of challenging environments.  The walks will last 1-2 hours depending on age of dogs in the group. Cost will be £5 per dog. 

Contact me for up and coming dates

gun dog training dorset

Henry loves the water and will retrieve from it.  This is a pond I know where we will do some water training if the cattle are not in residence!!

pet gun dog walks