Pet Gun Dog Training: What We Cover

Pet Gun Dog Training Syllabus

These sessions will be quite relaxed and my own dog maybe present as long as your dog is okay with other dogs. He is a great distraction, but also a great teacher as he has a solid recall in a high distraction environment and your dog is most likely going to follow him if he is recalled back.

Please note that with most things in life there can be more than one approach to an end goal. It doesn’t mean any of the methods are wrong, they are just different. I know that my methods are different to some other trainers in the area and if you try and mix the training then there could be some conflict.  I can discuss this with you and advise the best route for what you have planned. 

Some of these elements are more advanced than others and we need the basics in place first. A key focus will be basic obedience and manners. When we have a good foundation with these then aspects of gun dog training techniques are easier to teach.  We will be practising the basics at each lesson just to keep them in focus. All dogs will commence on the Bronze Syllabus and how far you advance from here will be up to you. 

The idea of these sessions is they would be every two weeks which would mean you have adequate practice time in between to have fun with your dog. 


pet gun dog training dorset

Some of What We Will Cover

  • Setting up a line of communication between you and the dog
  • First session will be about assessing the dog in the environment so we can put a plan in place.
  • Safety on the training area.  You being proactive not reactive
  • The messages you give to your dog which cause problems with training.
  • Equipment
  • Long Line work
  • Working on basic obedience and good manners
  • The importance of doing nothing!!
  • Whistle work
  • Recall in a distraction environment 
  • Being steady….able to sit with distractions
  • Working with a dummy
  • Retrieving
  • Release to hand
  • Marked retrieve
  • Memory retrieve 
  • Blind retrieve 
  • Changing direction 
  • Depending if you are Bronze, Silver or Gold will determine what we work on.