Pet Gun Dog Breed Training Facility

Teach and challenge your dog in a high distraction environment.

There are two parts to the facility and the short clips show what you can expect. 

There is the open field area which has many challenging areas for your dog with excellent ground cover for retrieving. Your dog and yourself will need to be at a certain level to be allowed in this area. To get to this standard you will start off in the Training Facility Secure Area

The secure area of the facility is in the same field, but away from the many distractions there.  Here, you and the dog will practice basic obedience and good manners which are the essential foundations to some of the Gun Dog techniques we will practice. 

All classes are on a one to one basis and will only include one dog and mine if required. Discount given if you want more than one dog trained. However, they will not be trained together initially and you will need to book two sessions together.

You will need HIGH QUALITY treats, the smellier the better. Cheap biscuit type treats won’t cut it in this environment. Cheese, Cooked sausage are good examples.  

Location is near Morden which is between Bere Regis and the Bakers Arms roundabout.  It about 6 miles from Poole.  I will send location information prior to session.

Please note

  • I cannot accept any dog which is aggressive to people.
  • Although not usually a problem with gun dog breeds. Any dog which has excessive barking will not be able to attend the facility due to its location. Happy to discuss working on this issue.
  • Whilst every endeavour has been made to make the area secure and safe I cannot accept  any responsibility if your dog escapes. If the rules are followed this should not happen.
  • The ground can be muddy and slippery so appropriate footwear required. I don’t accept responsibility for injuries sustained. 
  • The dog must be on the lead at all times unless you are in the secure area and I am training the dog off lead. There are game birds in this field in the undergrowth!!!
  • At the end of the session your dog must be put in the car promptly as another dog maybe attending after you. A lot of clients I have, their dogs don’t like other dogs.
  • Children may attend, however they must be under your control and with you at all times.   
  • All dog mess must be cleaned up and put in the bin provided.  
  • If you cancel on the day then the fee will be payable. 
  • I will contact on the day and cancel sessions if the weather is really bad, however we work in the rain, dogs love it and I do!!