Puppy and Dog Training In Hamworthy

Puppy and Dog training in Hamworthy

Dog Lead Pulling and Recall Issues?

Do you live in the Hamworthy area of Dorset and have a dog or puppy who takes you for a walk or ignores you when it’s off the lead? Getting a dog to come back to you when you call it is called recall and most dogs will require recall training to get them to return to you when they are in a high distraction enthronement. Hamworthy has a lot of dog walking areas which get very busy and dogs can easily become distracted and ignore.  If you doesn’t want to be the owner shouting your dog’s name and chasing around the park or along the beach then we can help with training. 

Do you put the lead on your dog knowing you are going to get dragged to the park?  Do you dread having to take your dog out because they are a lead puller? This is a very common issue and very few owners will be lucky enough to have a dog who does not pull.  However, it does not need to be this way. With patience and the correct training you can have a dog who will walk on a loose lead.  Muttley Solutions can give you the training techniques to support you to re-train your dog or set your puppy on the right road. Whilst lead pulling and recall are common issues we also address other training and behaviour concerns.