Puppy and Dog Training in Bere Regis

Dog Lead Pulling and Recall Training Bere Regis

Why is it that everyone else you see in Bere Regis appears to have a dog who is not pulling on the lead or has the perfect recall in the park?  You have most likely been unlucky and seen the only 2 dogs with these skills on the same day!! Most dogs will have an issue with lead pulling and a poor recall if they have not had training to teach them these skills, they are not born with them.  If you live in Bere Regis, are you fed up being the one with the dog who pulls on the lead and takes you for a walk, or the dog has a poor recall and will not return?  With the correct dog training and practice you can be the one others look at and admire your dog handling skills. 

If you have or are planning getting a new puppy in Bere Regis then the correct start will save a lot of problems later.  The main issue initially is toilet training/ house training.  With the correct technique and no pressure on the puppy this can be achieved in a positive way.  Puppy training is essential in the critical learning phase so it is never too early to start and build on it. If you accept behaviours which you don’t want then the puppy will quickly learn these and it will take longer to re-focus non-wanted behaviours. These can include lead pulling, poor recall, barking and nipping.

If you live in the Bere Regis area and want puppy and dog training or advice then contact Muttley Solutions. 

Local Dog Walks in the Area

Bere Regis has some excellent dog walks and will be great environments for dog or puppy training.  Dogs need different types of walks which are varied and include on lead work and off lead so a recall can be practised. Here is an excellent link for a dog walk you might not know about.

Puppy and dog training Bere Regis