Dog training

How to train my dog

If you live in Dorset then training your dog just got easier

A quick internet search of how to train my dog will lead to many pages which on the surface appear helpful.  However like most internet searches there will be good sites, bad sites and downright dangerous sites. The internet is a minefield of information.  As a professional dog trainer working in Dorset even I get confused with the wealth of information about dog training. In fact I try to steer clear of the net if I am trying to research something and will head to a large collection of books that I have or a few tried and tested sites I trust. 

As a recognised dog trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers and acknowledged as a Master Dog Trainer I can help and support you with training your dog. 

dog training dorset

Can you train your dog yourself?

Simple answer is of course you can. It all depends what your knowledge base is and what your expectations are. There are plenty of books out there which can get you started with the basics.  The problem is many people read a book, teach their own dog a few basics and then call themselves a dog trainer and start charging clients money for a very poor service. In order to train a dog you need to understand that dogs are not people and they see the world in a very different way to us.  A trained, professional dog trainer will understand many aspects of training, communication and working with the client. They will have studied and been assessed.

For many people they will join one of the many classes held weekly for puppy and dog training.  Here you will learn the basics and is a really good starting point if you want to dip your toe if you want an answer to how you train my dog. 

If your dog has already learnt bad behaviours

Training your own dog suddenly becomes a lot more complicated when you are faced with a dog who has already learnt bad habits.  Teaching a dog a new simple skill is easily in the grasp of the owner.  However, when a dog has training issues such as ignoring you when you call them back or they pull on the lead when out walking then you are going to struggle.

Why do I say you will struggle? Well without you realising it you most probably taught the dog those unwanted behaviours which have become very rewarding to the dog. It can then be a long road back showing the dog that those once rewarding behaviours are no longer rewarding and the dog only gets rewards for the behaviours which we want. 

As a dog trainer I get phones calls from clients who have started to try and train their dog and found issues have developed which need the input of the trainer to get them back on track.  I have come across experienced dog owners who have done a great job in training their dog in the basics and acknowledge that they need some support with some more complex techniques.   

You can train your own dog, however unless you are experienced are can acknowledge your limitations then get in touch with a experienced and qualified dog trainer who has read more than a couple of books!!

As a dog trainer I expect a big involvement of the client with the training.  Despite my miss-leading job title I don’t train dogs I train the owners to train their dogs.