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Challenge your Pet Gun Dog Breed

Please Note: This is training for your pet gun dog breed which helps meets their breed requirements. If you are after formalised Gun Dog training for live shoots or competition there are specialised classes which provide this. This service is not about dealing with behavioural issues. You would need to look at Dog Training 

Pet Gun Dog Training 

I have experience and knowledge around these breeds, their needs and issues. For some dogs, without the right training which plays to their breed traits, behaviour issues can develop. Many owners have these breeds, yet have no intention of working them or want to attend a club environment.  What I offer is a halfway house which will train the dog and yourself to do obedience work with a gun dog element in it. We have a Bronze, Silver and Gold training syllabus in place.  All dogs will commence the Bronze training and it will be up to you if you then want to proceed further.  

If you live in Dorset I have a secure training facility near Morden where we can work on recall and loose lead walking in a special fenced area.  This facility is also great for testing retrieve, whistle work and you working with the dog in a secure live distraction environment. This area has a lot of wildlife visitors and resident pheasants living next door so is off the scale for distractions. When you can control your dog here then your other favourite walks will be a lot easier. 

This is great fun for the dog and allows it to utilise the many skills it has.  You have a lot more fun walking your dog and there wont be any need for long walks to tire your dog. If that is your thing then you will learn to be more proactive so safer and have a lot more fun with your dog whilst doing the miles.    

A good level of basic obedience and manners is a must and is the foundation to a well balanced dog. We will be working on this at each session. 

The training I offer is to take the basic obedience and develop this with breed specific training which plays to the dog’s breed traits.  This challenges the dog mentally and physically and will mean a happier dog. You will be able to transfer these skills to your everyday walks with your dog making the experience more fun and safer for both of you.     

The first session will be about me teaching you to open a line of communication with your dog.  Without it training will be slower.  I will assess the dog in the secure training area and we can then put a plan in place to get the best out of the sessions. I will also discuss safety and some tips you can use when out on your own. 

Remember there is no quick route to successful dog training.  You and your dog will get out of it what practice you put in. With my help the aim is to be able to go out in a variety of environments and you remain proactive rather than reactive to whats happening around you.  Your dog will respond a lot better if you are making the decisions rather than leaving the dog to make them. 

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As of the 20th October the training centre is changing its opening times.  This is to take into account the shorter working days.  The centre will be open every Sunday between the times shown on the booking system. This will offer greater client choice.  I will have Saturday slots, but this will need to be discussed with me and cannot be booked. Please use the booking link below for any bookings from the 20th October

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