Gun Dog Foundation Skills Dorset

Challenge your Pet Gun Dog Breed

Please Note: This is training for your pet gun dog breed which helps meets their breed requirements. If you are after formalised Gun Dog training for live shoots or competition there are specialised classes which provide this. This service is not about dealing with behavioural issues. You would need to look at Dog Training 

Pet Gun Dog Training 

I have experience and knowledge around these breeds, their needs and issues. For some dogs, without the right training which plays to their breed traits, behaviour issues can develop. Many owners have these breeds, yet have no intention of working them or want to attend a club environment.  What I offer is a halfway house which will train the dog and yourself to do obedience work with a gun dog element in it. Online Booking Link towards end of page.

If you live in Dorset I have a secure training facility near Morden where we can work on recall and loose lead walking in a special fenced area.  This facility is also great for testing retrieve, whistle work and you working with the dog in a secure distraction environment. This area has a lot of wildlife visitors and resident pheasants living next door so is off the scale for distractions. When you can control your dog here then your other favourite walks will be a lot easier. 

This is great fun for the dog and allows it to utilise the many skills it has.  You have a lot more fun walking your dog and there wont be any need for long walks to tire your dog. If that is your thing then you will learn to be more proactive so safer and have a lot more fun with your dog whilst doing the miles.    

A good level of basic obedience and manners is a must and is the foundation to a well balanced dog. We will be working on this at each session. 

The training I offer is to take the basic obedience and develop this with breed specific training which plays to the dog’s breed traits.  This challenges the dog mentally and physically and will mean a happier dog. You will be able to transfer these skills to your everyday walks with your dog making the experience more fun and safer for both of you.     

The first session will be about me teaching you to open a line of communication with your dog.  Without it training will be slower.  I will assess the dog in the secure training area and we can then put a plan in place to get the best out of the sessions. I will also discuss safety and some tips you can use when out on your own. 

Remember there is no quick route to successful dog training.  You and your dog will get out of it what practice you put in. With my help the aim is to be able to go out in a variety of environments and you remain proactive rather reactive to whats happening around you.  Your dog will respond a lot better if you are making the decisions rather than leaving the dog to make them. 

Gun Dog Breed Training

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Training Facility 

There are two parts to the facility and the short clips show what you can expect. 

There is the open field area which has many challenging areas for your dog with excellent ground cover for retrieving. Your dog and yourself will need to be at a certain level to be allowed in this area. To get to this standard you will start off in the Training Facility Secure Area

The secure area of the facility is in the same field, but away from the many distractions there.  Here, you and the dog will practice basic obedience and good manners which are the essential foundations to some of the Gun Dog techniques we will practice. 

Gun Dog Breeds

Here is a list of some of the more common dogs which fall into the Gun Dog Breed.  To complicate matters more there a many variations now where mixed breeds occur. My own dog, Henry, is a Labrador/ Springer cross. 

These are the retriever

  • Curly coated retriever
  • Flatcoated Retriever
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever

These are the spaniels

  • Clumber Spaniel
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • English Springer Spaniel
  • Field Spaniel
  • Sussex Spaniel
  • Welsh Springer Spaniel

These are the HPRs

  • German Longhaired Pointer
  • German Shorthaired Pointer
  • German Wirehaired Pointer
  • Hungarian Vizsla
  • Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
  • Italian Spinone
  • Large Munsterlander
  • Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer
  • Small Munsterlander
  • Weimaraner

These are the pointers and setters

  • English Setter
  • Gordon Setter
  • Irish Red Setter
  • Irish Red & White Setter
  • Pointer
dog training wareham dorset

Gun Dog Breed Exercises: What We Cover

These sessions will be quite relaxed and my own dog maybe present as long as your dog is okay with other dogs. He is a great distraction, but also a great teacher as he has a solid recall in a high distraction environment and your dog is most likely going to follow him if he is recalled back.

Please note that with most things in life there can be more than one approach to an end goal. It doesn’t mean any of the methods are wrong, they are just different. I know that my methods are different to some other trainers in the area and if you try and mix the training then there could be some conflict.  I can discuss this with you and advise the best route for what you have planned. 

We Will Cover The Following:

  • Setting up a line of communication between you and the dog
  • First session will be about assessing the dog in the environment so we can put a plan in place.
  • Safety on the training area.  You being proactive not reactive
  • The messages you give to your dog which cause problems with training.
  • Equipment
  • Long Line work
  • Working on basic obedience and good manners
  • The importance of doing nothing!!
  • Whistle work
  • Recall in a distraction environment 
  • Being steady….able to sit with distractions
  • Working with a dummy
  • Retrieving
  • Release to hand
  • Marked retrieve
  • Memory retrieve 
  • Blind retrieve 
  • Changing direction 
  • Depending on progress we can add other elements in 

Some of these elements are more advanced than others and we need the basics in place first. The idea of these sessions is they would be every two weeks which would mean you have adequate practice time in between to have fun with your dog. 


Please see below for booking information. 

All classes are on a one to one basis and will only include one dog and mine if required. Discount given if you want more than one dog trained.However, they will not be trained together initially and you will need to book two sessions together.

You will need HIGH QUALITY treats, the smellier the better. Cheap biscuit type treats won’t cut it in this environment. Cheese, Cooked sausage, Black pudding are good examples.  

Location is near Morden which is between Bere Regis and the Bakers Arms roundabout.  It about 6 miles from Poole.  I will send location information prior to session.

I have tried to keep costs to a minimum so that you can have regular sessions. Even one session a month will ensure your dog has an outlet for their breed traits and you get information and techniques you can use on your everyday walks.  

A one hour session will be £15.  If you block book 5 sessions for £75 you will get a 6th free

Online Booking

You can book weekend sessions online and don’t need to contact me directly. These will run every two weeks on a Saturday and Sunday except for shooting season when it will only open on the Sunday. You can see the availability of the days and times we are open.   This two week gap gives you time to practice.  There is no commitment and you can attend for ad hoc sessions if spaces available. Happy to do some evenings in the week during the summer.  You will need to contact me directly for availability for weekday sessions. Hours will be 16:00-20:00. 

Any problems booking please contact me

Please Note:
  • I cannot accept any dog which is aggressive to people.
  • Although not usually a problem with gun dog breeds. Any dog which has excessive barking will not be able to attend the facility due to its location. Happy to discuss working on this issue.
  • Whilst every endeavour has been made to make the area secure and safe I cannot accept  any responsibility if your dog escapes. If the rules are followed this should not happen.
  • The ground can be muddy and slippery so appropriate footwear required. I don’t accept responsibility for injuries sustained. 
  • The dog must be on the lead at all times unless you are in the secure area and I am training the dog off lead. There are game birds in this field in the undergrowth!!!
  • At the end of the session your dog must be put in the car promptly as another dog maybe attending after you. A lot of clients I have, their dogs don’t like other dogs.
  • Children may attend, however they must be under your control and with you at all times.   
  • All dog mess must be cleaned up and put in the bin provided.  
  • If you cancel on the day then the fee will be payable. 
  • I will contact on the day and cancel sessions if the weather is really bad, however we work in the rain, dogs love it and I do!!