Gun Dog Assessment Criteria

Testing the gun dog and their owner

To give focus to the pet gun dog training we do at Muttley solutions we have 3 awards which can be achieved. The Bronze, Silver and Gold.

As a dog trainer I believe that solid basic obedience and good manners is essential for all dogs and that is the purpose of the Gun Dog Assessment.  Anyone coming to train their pet gun dog with me will go back to basics to ensure we have these in place.  Without a solid foundation in the basics then it is soon evident there is an issue when we come to the more challenging and complex gun dog techniques. 

Owners will spend time going over these basic commands which are the building blocks for later techniques which I teach.

All those who start training will start on the Bronze programme and each session you come up we will be revising, clarifying and working on the syllabus.  At a point where I feel you and the dog are ready we will do the assessment. 

No one likes tests, but the aim here is to make it fun for both the owner and the dog whilst learning.  Once you have achieved the Bronze award you can be sure you have a dog who has a good grasp of the basics and has good manners. Its then your choice if you wish to progress further.

The Bronze award is about getting the basics right and showing good manners.  It is also testing the owner. The Silver will challenge a lot of whats in the Bronze award but will start to test some of the basic gun dog techniques.  The Gold will test  more complex gun dog techniques and will be at high level. 

Below is an example of the Bronze Syllabus.  Even if you don’t want to do the Silver or Gold the Bronze award will give you a good rounded well mannered dog.

Gun Dog Assessment: The Bronze Syllabus

  • Sit
  • Sit using 1 whistle
  • Sit at distance using 1 whistle
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Sit/Down/Stand for 30 seconds
  • Wait—- walk 10 steps away and turn. Count to 10 and recall your dog with the whistle. Dog will return and sit in front of you and wait until I release.
  • Stay—- walk 10 steps away and turn facing the dog. Count to 10 and walk back to dog and stand at side until I release.
  • Leave it
  • Setup Recall—- use whistle
  • Recall with Distraction—- use whistle
  • How owner deals with failed recall
  • Loose lead walking—- 1 circuit
  • Off lead heel walking—- 1 circuit
  • Off lead heel walking with distraction
  • Ignore Henry as we walk past
  • Meeting Henry correctly
  • Do nothing for 2 minutes
  • Retrieve Ball and return
  • Gate manners
  • Leaving a car safely
  • Lead control whilst walking
  • Lead control whilst talking
  • Correct use of long line
  • Understanding of equipment used in gun dog training
  • Owner is safe in the working environment