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Muttley Solutions
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 18 reviews
 by Chris Hovell
1st Dog
Location: Poole

When my wife and I decided to get our first dog we selected a Viszla. Doing some reading beforehand I realised that they needed early structured training to avoid being a nightmare.
Thankfully Gary has helped our whole family understand that early training makes a huge difference. Gary came to our house for a family education session before our puppy arrived and immediately made me feel more comfortable with his clear, pragmatic instructions. We have been to regular sessions and its definitely paying off with our dog relaxed and attentive on the lead,and his recall is great. Thanks Gary for enabling us to enjoy our dog.
Highly recommended.

 by Jo
Brilliant trainer!
Location: Ringwood

I've never owned a black lab before and heard a few horror stories but thanks to Gary's help I now have a 20 week old lab who doesnt chew, jump up, bite or bark. Gary came to the house and gave excellent, constructive (and not patronising) advice over a series of sessions. Would recommend Gary in an instant!

 by Julie marsh
1st training outside
Location: Fenners Merley

Following 1st training session outside yesterday learning tips and actions to take. I was able to put what I learnt into practice on this mornings walk, and it was a much more relaxed and enjoyable time for my dog and I.

 by Lorraine
Location: Home and training centre

I have been working with Gary since the first week of getting my puppy, he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful from day one and always on the end of the phone if I had any questions, our pup is coming along brilliantly and Gary always makes the lessons fun and explains clearly what needs to be done. Highly recommend

 by Mandy
Location: Merley

Thanks Gary. Your straight forward approach to training (me and the dog) has worked wonders. In a very short space of time we have noticed a marked improvement in recall. We have learnt a lot and look forward to continuing to reap the benefits of your training. Would highly recommend if you're looking for someone down to earth with a wealth of knowledge!

Excellent help
Location: Wool

Gary has worked with our springer spaniel Roc for the last 18 months!! He turned our little pup around into a wonderful dog who is a pleasure to have!!

 by Chris Williamson
Found the approach we were looking for
Location: Broadstone

I found Gary through a Google search and soon realised from his website that he could be the approach to training that we were looking for. After Puppy and a few advanced training classes with other trainers It soon became clear our dog Cooper (Goldendoodle) needed a much more "stimulating and engaged" approach. We are so pleased with the results we have gotten in just 2 months of working with Gary. Once I realised It was as much about training me as an owner the progress with Cooper moved along quite quickly. I very much appreciate Gary's honest approach and thank him for putting both myself and Cooper on the right track. I would highly recommend his services.

 by Jo & Stuart
Muttley Solutions
Location: Bere Regis

Gary came highly recommended and has fully lived up to the billing. We’ve used him for all of our sprocker pup Tig’s training over the past 10 months and he has helped to change Tig from a busy, self-rewarding beast into a calmer, attentive and responsive pet. We’ve enjoyed a really positive puppy training experience with Gary and hope you do too. Thanks!

 by Stacey
Location: Wareham

Gary is Our 3rd trainer with our Pointer and we are really pleased with the results. Before it was classes in a hall spending the whole time getting her to sit and not whine or bark.

Gary has shown us a new way of training and even though we’ve only had 5 sessions we have had so much advice given to us. Gary came to our home for the first couple of sessions and now we are working her in the smaller field. We are really excited to one day work her in the big field and Gary’s knowledge of working breeds for our Pointer is really encouraging.

As he’ll remind everyone, Gary is actually training us, not the dogs, So bring on the future sessions!

 by Louise Pride
Excellent dog training service
Location: Swanage

I have had several training sessions with Lola, my one year old chocolate Labrador. Gary is very friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable and each session has been excellent. Lola enjoys the training and I’m amazed at how quickly she is learning. When I am out with Lola on a daily basis it is a pleasure to walk her, she is well-behaved and is clearly keen to practise anything that we have learnt from Gary’s sessions. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone wanting dog training, whether that is due to an issue that needs addressing or just for fun.

 by Jo Dugdale
Location: Wareham

Gary was highly recommended to me by a friend who happened to use his services. When I contacted Gary I was at a point of not knowing where to turn with the issues I was having with a young rescued German Shepherd. Subsequently over time, I had lost all confidence even though I had German Shepherds previously.
When I met Gary, he wasn't at all phased by what was presented to him. He did an assessment of both Axle and myself and a training plan was created. Gary is very honest with you from the start regarding training, and that includes what is expected from you as the owner.
Gary has a wealth of knowledge, and best practices, which allows for the training to be adapted to the individual needs of the dog and its owner. His teaching and constructive comments provides the basis to apply the method not just at the training session but to everyday.
I have found Gary's informal nature has put both Axle and I at ease, which enabled my confidence to return.
Any training you do you need to be committed to but even at those challenging times I and Axle have enjoyed every moment.
Axle and I are currently enjoying further advanced training with Gary and I can't thank him enough for all his help and commitment.

 by Jenny Frankland
So Much Help

Bradley a rescue labradoodle was proving a real challenge and I was in need of urgent help as I was unable to understand why his behaviour was so difficult and different to other dogs I had owned. Gary was immediately able to provide structure to his training and told me that he was not being 'mentally worked' as well as physically. Under the calm guidance and training (of me mostly!!) by Gary we now have a much calmer, happy dog who brings so much fun and joy into our lives. We have done the basic training at home and I have signed up to do further advanced training at Gary's training centre as I know it will benefit both Bradley and me. Gary's calm approach and explanation of why we do things and also explaining how a dog thinks and behaves has been invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend Muttley Solutions for any issues with dog training

 by Sophie White

We brought our 8 week old Labrador puppy home when i was 20 weeks pregnant and no way did i ever imagine we'd have had such quick results from our puppy training with Gary. It took hard work and commitment on our part to make sure we followed through with Gary's techniques and direction and Gary was always on hand via texts and phone call for any advise or questions we had!

We now have a 4 month old puppy that walks beautifully on a lead, was house trained within 3 weeks, recalls reliably to a whistle, sits, waits and doesn't jump up at people that come to our home.

Gary's advice has been invaluable and I now feel confident that by the time our baby arrives we will have no problem managing the baby as well as the puppy.

We have now moved on to more advanced training and i look forward to seeing how much more we can teach our pup.

In short - everyone needs a Gary!!! Hes knowledgeable, reliable and makes the whole process fun and interactive. He doesn't train the pup he trains you .

 by Karen

Gary came to help me with my Cavalier King Charles spaniel who was less than 8 weeks old and very tiny. All that I wanted was to have a well behaved dog, good recall and manners. Gary was brilliant with her and trained me well! He’s very very good.

 by Chris Miller
Great training for puppies

Gary is a very knowledgeable and helpfull trainer.
We started training before we got our puppy, (most of the training is really training the owners) which is important if like us this is your first puppy.
The training takes place at your home so you also get advice on where puppy should sleep, amount of walking etc.
Not only does training work really well a big big plus compaired with going to a group is your having one to one lessons and you can start a lot earlier because you don't have to wait for vaccinations, which gives you a 3 week head start and at this age the earlier you can start the better.
This is a fair priced great training that will help no end with your confidence to ensure your dog is a well trained content dog.

 by Tamsin & Neil
Puppy Training

Gary certainly knows his stuff and is very happy to share his knowledge and skills in order to get the best out of our working dog puppy. We have been given the foundations to work with and in a few weeks have a dog who is great on recall, can sit on command and is getting better by the day on walking on the lead. He was a needy pup who hated being left alone, but now he rarely whimpers. I would recommend Gary and we will continue to work with him top improve on ours and the pups skills. Definitely worth the money and effort! Thank you!

 by Anna Rosier
Billy the Border Terrier

Billy is our third Border Terrier so we thought we had dog training under our belt but we couldn't have been more wrong - you might say every dog is different. I think I'd say we'd been lucky to date!
We decided to look into a trainer after a mini break with Billy when he was 7 months old showed us we had no skills to control him & give him (and us) what he needed. On the long drive home from Yorkshire we landed on Gary because of how he presented what he could do for us & Billy - it sounded like he was going to solve all our problems, so no pressure!
Our first session was a combination of marriage guidance (you have to be consistent), Gary stating the obvious (of course you only see it when someone points it out) & some quick wins with homework before our next session to undo the last few months bad habits we'd slipped into.
The impact of what Gary taught us was immediate as long as we did what he said & we couldn't wait for the next session to find out what was next. It showed us that Billy was bright, eager to learn & we just needed the right skills to help him.
The upshot of Gary's training (of us, not Billy) & a lot of work by all of us is that Billy has become a brilliant little dog doing what we want or need him to do. Of course he has his moments but I can say in almost all cases, it's our fault not his.
Through the past few months, Gary has been consistent in his training, given us his expertise in spades, listened to us & what we're trying to achieve but not been afraid to give us some tough love when we've needed it.
If I was looking for evidence of how Gary has really helped us, we've just been away for a mini break. What a change - we all had a lovely time & the only reason to call Gary this time was to tell him how great it was, perfect result!

 by Penny Elsdon
Penny and Ezra

Have been to seven training sessions with Ezra my 10mth old labrador EVERY one has been brilliant. Gary is very knowledgeable, patient, understanding and professional in his attitude and approach. Ezra loves the sessions and I am learning something new each time. Would highly recommend Gary to anyone who has a problem with their dog or just wants to learn to work with and have fun with them.