One on One dog walking service local to Wareham

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Dog walking service

Muttley Solutions is offering a dog walking service in the Wareham and surrounding areas with a difference. Most walking services take a number of dogs out together as this maximises the earning potential.  Here at Muttley Solutions, I believe in tailoring a dog walker service which puts the specific needs of your dog first. 

Your dog won’t be travelling around in a car during the pickup and drop-off of other dogs.  This one-on-one is ideal for the dog training scenario which the multi-dog walker cannot offer.

I specialise in those dogs who do not socialise, are nervous and cannot go out with a multi-dog walker.  In these cases, I will walk them on their own and try to build up their confidence, both with other dogs and people. If your dog pulls on the lead then we can discuss training and I will work on this during the walks.

I will not take on dogs who are aggressive to other dogs or people as this would put me in conflict with the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. However if the dog is under the instruction of a Canine Behaviourist then I am happy to review. See my dog training page

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  • I will collect your dog and take them out for a walk in the forest, beach or park dependent on your location.
  • Relative to their recall ability and your preference there will be an opportunity for them to be let off the lead.  However, this will depend on my assessment on the first few walks and I will need to be confident that I have a 100% recall in a moderate distraction environment.
  • The visit time will be about 40 minutes.
    On their return, I will ensure they are dry, have water and secure on the premises.  I will give them a meal if that is your instruction.
  • Cost will be £10. Two dogs from the same family will be £12
  • Update via text at end of walk
  • Will do one-off sessions, when as required or holiday cover. Will consider weekends for non-regular clients. Costs slightly more, but depends on location and what you need.
  • Times allocated for walks are approximate and may vary due to the nature of the business.
    Please Note: In order to use my services you will need a walk for your dog from your property.  Given this is a solo client dog walking service it is not economically viable to be taking individual dogs to and from walk areas in my transport. I am happy to do this, but there will be an extra cost involved.  My other reason for adopting this policy is that I believe the money you are spending should be spent on walking your dog not driving them around!!  This approach also teaches them path, road work and the obstacles and noises encountered there.