Dog walking

Dog walking post Christmas week

Suddenly I find myself without the normal routine of starting my day at 06:00 in preparation for my first dog walking session of the day.  My working day usually starts at 09:00 and will go to 14:00ish and that is 5 days a week.  I agree ‘great hours’ but that is in all weathers.

Currently staying with the lady who forgot my Christmas card!!  How things would have been different if I had done that. I am sure I can milk that way into the New Year.  Its been a very nice week so far just chilling and eating far too much.  I am glad I actually run with the two Huskies I take out so hopefully by the end of January the binge of Christmas eating will not show as much.

I am spending this time of looking at my dog walking and training business and looking at where that will go in 2018.  I have completely re-designed the website with a view to strengthening the dog training service I offer.

I was also very lucky to get a superb logo which matched my business name and I am hoping this will start to give the business a brand

Dog walking

I suppose it will depend on your age if you understand the relationship of ‘muttley and the image!!

The only dog walking I have been doing this week is with Henry, my own dog, sadly not as much as he would have liked.  The break has been nice, but it will be nice to get out again and get some routine.




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