Dog walking

Dog walking and Tax

Dog walking and Tax

Difficult to determine how many dog walking businesses there must be in the UK.  The reason for this is that many will be under the radar, that is they will not be registered with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and liable for tax on their earnings from their business.  They are not alone and it is an ever growing problem for the HMRC. Given its the end of January and time to pay what you owe I thought a blog on dog walking and tax might be warranted.

dog walking and taxAs a dog walker, I had to weigh up the ethical and legal implications of running my business under the radar and what this would mean. I had never run a business before so knew nothing about dog walking and tax, except a large chunk of my earnings was stopped in tax every month in my previous job.

I am going to write a blog page shortly looking into my journey of setting up my business and becoming official with HMRC.  I was a complete newbie and spent hours reseraching the implications of a business dog walking and tax.  Hopefully, my story will show you it is in your interests, in the long run, to start paying your tax on your dog walking earnings sooner rather than later.  If nothing else you will sleep easier.


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