Canford Magna Dog Trainer

As a Canford Magna dog trainer what can I offer?

Living locally I can offer training at flexible times and at weekends. There is no travel costs to you and the initial reviews are done at your home.  This is so the dog or puppy feels comfortable when I am there. 

Following your contact we will arrange a suitable time and I will review the dog and put a plan in place based on what you are looking to achieve and what is realistic. 

You can find information on PRICES here

Very rarely is there one issue and I usually find some training issues are a result of other problems. These can stem from around poor leadership and rule setting for the dog. 

They love order and structure and if we don’t provide this then things can go wrong. Each case is different so all plans and training are bespoke to you and the dog. 

I offer training and support around recall issues and lead pulling.  I can offer an intensive, supporting program for both these common training issues which will take the problem and training into the real world. 

Contact me if you would like more information on this. 

I have a special interest in those gun dogs where the owner only keeps them as a pet. They have no intention of working them so do not want to join a gun dog club.  

I have three separate training facilities which are able to challenge and dog and owner so meeting the dog’s breed traits for hunting and retrieving. Failure to meet your dogs specific needs can lead to issues. 

Part of my gun dog training is about dogs understanding that other dogs do not mean loads of fun and I have sessions which teach the dog patience and self control around other dogs. 

See my Pet Gun Dog pages for more information.    

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