Dog walking

Dog Poo …..why don’t people clean it up?

Was cleaning my walking shoes this morning and got to thinking how much dog poo I must have stood in over the past year because inconsiderate owners do not clean up after their dogs. When you are out 5 days a week doing dog walking for a living you get to see the darker side of dog ownership.

Very few dogs take themselves off for a walk with out the owner knowing, well i hope not!!  Therefore owners must be aware that their dogs needs to do its daily toilet.  The number of dog owners I have seen walk past their dog in a crouch position and carry on walking.  One could argue I should say something.  Did that once and was told if it worried me that much I should pick it up.

I think dog wardens should blitz well known dog areas and catch the culprits and fine them as the warning signs say.  Then they should put up posters saying the number of people caught and the fines they had. Maybe that might get people thinking.

The worst I have seen is a very tiny village in the middle of nowhere, so people were not traveling in to walk their dogs, who shall remain nameless.  There were perhaps 30  large houses at most and the dog walking area was the worst I have ever seen for dog poo.  You would think people would take a pride where they live and walk their dogs, but sadly no.

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