Corfe Mullen Dog Trainer in Dorset

Live in Corfe Mullen and have recall and lead pulling issues?

I am an experienced dog trainer local to your area and offer training classes dealing with poor recall and the dog pulling on the lead.  

Your dog should not ignore you when you are out and I am sure it would be a pleasure if your dog walked on a loose lead. 

As a local dog trainer to Corfe Mullen I can also support you with a range of other training issues and if you have a look at the website you will see what we offer. 

Having a dog who is poorly trained is not something you have to put up with or should accept.

For me it is important that we train your dog in the type of environments it will encounter when you are taking it out for a walk. 

Therefore after the initial review at your location we will arrange to meet in a live environment to start training your dog.  

Corfe Mullen dog trainer also offers puppy training

If you are planning or have a new puppy then training is essential as early as possible to avoid some of the pitfalls of poor obedience and behaviour I see daily. 

Puppies learn to do all the things we don’t like because we teach them without realising.  Timely intervention by a trainer who understands puppy training will help to stop this.  

You can see what we offer on our puppy page.

Pet gun dog training classes

If you have a gun dog breed or thinking of getting then I can help with the training.  

If you are not planning on working your dog then it is still important to meet the breed trait needs of these intelligent dogs.  

Failure to do so will lead to issues.

I have a purpose training facility and offer training from 12 weeks old,I will need to be involved with the puppy’s training to be invited to the centre. 

This will focus on excellent obedience skill, good manners, the dog being patient and having self control around other dogs. 

corfe mullen dog trainer

I have been working with Gary since the first week of getting my puppy, he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful from day one and always on the end of the phone if I had any questions, our pup is coming along brilliantly and Gary always makes the lessons fun and explains clearly what needs to be done. Highly recommend

Corfe Mullen

What is our availability for Corfe Mullen?

If you are struggling to find a date then call me as I do hold some in reserve.  

You can Text me 24/7 and I usually reply quickly Text on 07482557186

You can call me between 08:00 and 22:00 everyday.  If I don’t reply I am usually training or driving.  Text me as this usually gets you a quick response

Dog walks local to Corfe Mullen

There is no easy route to dog training, wished there was!!  

Therefore each time you take your dog out you need to practice in different environments recall training and not pulling on the lead.  

Meeting other dogs will happen so they need to learn dogs are not as much fun as they thought. 

All this can be practised on dog walks around Corfe Mullen