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Communicating with your dog or puppy in Dorset

How to talk to your Dog

One of the most important components in dog training is to establish a line of communication between the owner and the dog.  Difficult when neither speak the others language.  However, this will be the first exercise we will put in place so that you have a way of communicating with your dog.  We will put in place a communication system so you can reward behaviour at the exact moment it occurs at distance or next to you.  This is a very powerful tool and will enhance training, making it fun and increase the speed of learning. 

If we have a communication method for marking behaviour then we need to be able to communicate with the dog when it performs a behaviour we do not want. When we link the two together we can communicate with the dog and it will understand what we want.  Once established it is amazing what training can be achieved.

We will also look at developing the use of a whistle as this is an excellent form of communication. As these communication channels becomes established you both learn to understand each other and what is required. Training will become a lot easier and rewarding.