Canford Heath Dog Trainer

Does your dog ignore you or pull you along on the Heath?

I spend a lot of time training my own dog on the heath as a wide variety of training environments helps to reinforce the techniques. I see a lot of owners who don’t have a recall and are shouting their dog who basically ignores them.  

Does this sound familiar? I see people who are walking to the heath and the dog is pulling the lead and the owner is dutifully following.

If this sounds like your dog then I can help to resolve recall and lead pulling issues in the Canford Heath area.  As a local dog trainer I come to your location and there are no travel costs. 

Sessions are on a one to one basis and we train in live environments after the review session if appropriate. 

canford Heath dog trainer

Canford Heath Dog Trainer Availability

We have an automated booking system which allows you to choose from my availability if you require any training Canford Heath.  If you are struggling to find a date then call me as I do hold some in reserve.  

You can Text me 24/7 and I usually reply quickly Text on 07482557186

You can call me between 08:00 and 22:00 everyday.  If I don’t reply I am usually training or driving.  Text me as this usually gets you a quick response

Puppy Training : Starting the right way

If you have just got a puppy or planning getting one then it is very important you start puppy training the right way. What the puppy learns in the first month can effect the rest of its life and your relationship with them. 

We need to correctly socialise the puppy into your life Sadly most owners get a trainer in when there are problems. A good trainer can reduce the likelihood of there being any issues. 

All things being equal if I am involved by about 8 weeks we can usually have the basics in place and a good recall on a whistle by about 12 weeks.  That’s about when you might start traditional classes in the training hall!! 

Canford Heath and dog training and practice

Local residents are spoilt with have such a large Heath-land on their door step. It is a great place to practice the recall techniques and loose lead walking. However there is also an issue with such places.  

They attract all types of dog owners and many of these own a dog with poor obedience and a poor recall.  

Part of the training I provide is to ensure you can spot issues before they happen and you remain proactive and making good decisions for your dog.  The moment you stop doing that then the dog starts making decisions and you become reactive to what they are doing which never ends well. 

My dog training does not just involve the dog!!