Bearcross Dog Trainer

Stopping your dog pulling or ignoring you when out walking

Muttley Solutions is a local dog training business which can help if you are trying to stop your dog pulling on the lead.  Does your dog ignore you when you try to call them back? As a Bearcross dog trainer can offer one to one classes at location and and time convenient to you.  

I like to train in a live environment after the initial review as this makes training more realistic to what you will face everyday. Using Canford park would be a great location to test recall training and also work on loose lead techniques to stop the dog pulling

Bearcross dog trainer

Bearcross dog trainer : What I can offer

I can offer training and support with training and behaviour issues.  One issue I don’t get involved with is dog aggression to people, however I can refer you to a colleague who can help you. 

I specialise in helping with Gun dog breeds if you have specific training issues or want to challenge your dog more. I have 3 training facility’s which can cater for one to one work or group sessions.  

If we meet the dog’s breed traits then we are half way there to solving many training issues. If you are looking for specific training for shoots or the field competitions then are are specialised clubs who can offer this. What I offer is for those clients who own a gun dog breed but have no intention of working them. 

I offer puppy training and the best time you can get a trainer in is before you get the puppy so that we can get the right techniques in place before they come to your home. 

If I am involved from the start we can get some of the basics in place before most puppies have started group training sessions. 

Contacting Muttley Solutions for you training needs

On my website I have a several booking systems depending on what you require.  This allows you to book times which suit you rather than classes which you have to attend when they are on. If you don’t see a time which suits please contact me as I am very flexible. 

Best way to contact me is to text me on 07482557186

You can email me at

Walking and Training your dog around Bearcross


There are some excellent areas around Bearcross for excising and training your dog.  There is no quick fix to dog training and you need a variety of distraction environments to challenge both the dog and yourself.