Dog walking

Another year quickly goes by!!

My last day of the year seeing my 4 legged friends.  Been a slow wind down this week as a number of my clients break up for the festive holidays.  As I said in an earlier post I have Christmas week off from dog walking.  No doubt because I am off it will be mild and dry!!  Strange, I never hear friends saying they would like to be a dog walker in winter, but a lot of them say how lucky I am in summer.  I think I am lucky all year round because I get to be out doors and see the changing seasons first hand.

So it will soon be time to dry out the boots, re-wax the coat and get everything ready for the 2nd January when I start again.  May I wish all my fellow dog-walkers, owners and of course our muttley friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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