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As a Qualified Dog Training Instructor I teach you the techniques  so you can work with your dog to achieve your goals.

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My name is Gary Cole, MGoDT (MT) and I run Muttley Solutions.  It was created to provide a one to one dog training and walking service.  This quickly expanded to include one to one puppy training as well.

The philosophy of the business is to provide a service which is tailored to the specific dog and owner, rather than a group class setting

Purpose Secure Training Facilities to practice many of the techniques

We are open when you need us and will work weekends and evenings. 

Our prices are realistic, what you see is what you pay.

We offer your money back on the first lesson if you decide its not for you.

We have 3rd party liability and dog welfare insurance in place. 


Latest training techniques used

Classical and Operant conditioning are used and give the dog choices.  We reward the positive choices and  re-focus those choices we don’t want the dog to make. The dog quickly learns which choices reward and which don’t.

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loose lead walking

Force Free Training with Choices

No punishment or pain inducing equipment is used or tolerated. We reward the positive and re-focus the unwanted. There is a balance between reward and consequence.

Competitive on price

Muttley Solutions prides itself as being one of the most competitive on price for training in the area and further discounts are available. We offer a refund on the first lesson if your not happy.  

puppy and dog training wareham dorset

My Experience

I have worked with dogs for a number of years and have seen both my skill and knowledge develop as the demands of the business have grown. I am a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers and acknowledged as a Master Dog Trainer. 

Having studied with the Cambridge Institute of Animal Behaviour and Training, I have completed a number of courses on varied topics around dog training and behavioural issues.

As part of my ongoing continuous professional development I attend various study days and seminars relating to dog training and behaviour. For 2019 I will complete my Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour with the British College of Canine Studies.  This will allow me to offer a greater depth of training and behaviour services. 

I have a particular interest in Springers, Labradors and other gun dog breeds and some of the issues they bring with them. Sometimes its just a case of meeting their special needs to see a big change in their behaviour.  


My own dog is Henry, a 4 years old Springer/Labrador cross who sadly, had already had 3 owners by the time he was 1 year old, I was his fourth!!. Someone approached me and asked if I would take him on as his future was not looking good.  He was a challenge and tested my knowledge and resolve many times.  By using the techniques I use in my classes I have trained him to a high level of gun-dog work. He is still work in progress and has this habit of when there is an audience his training goes out the window to show me up. 

Henry has taught me more about dog training than books could ever teach and he forgives me when I get it wrong. The most valuable lesson he has taught me is when a training session is going wrong don’t blame the dog, but look at myself or the owner first as that is usually where the problem is. 

Just when I think I have cracked it with this fella he throws me another curve ball to keep me on my toes, that’s Dog Training!!

puppy and dog training wareham dorset
puppy training wareham